Kroppsspray Light Legs Mist, 200ml

En välbefinnande kroppsspray för att minska känslan av tunga ben sprayen hjälper till med den ytliga micro-cirkulationen

används sommar som vinter.

Sprayen används på hela benen.


This cosmetic care brings together a synergy of three plant-based active ingredients – Arnica,

Cypress and Solomon’s Seal – that enhance superficial micro-circulation and strengthen the venous walls to reduce the sensation of heavy legs.

This action is reinforced by a red algae extract with toning, decongestant and soothing properties on skin microcirculation.


Light, non-sticky, scented spray.

Quick absorption, ultra-fast drying.


  • 7% LPG® Toning complex
  • 200 ml trigger spray bottle


Spray onto the skin upwards starting from the ankles up to the legs.

An easy gesture to be renewed as often as needed at any moment of the day, in both winter and summer.

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