Day & Night Orange Peel Stop

  • Softens tissues and reduces fibrosis
  • Drains excess water

Thanks to 2 day and night formulas developed to work in synergy, the 14-DAY LPG® EXPRESS DAY & NIGHT ORANGE PEEL STOP has an overall action on orange peel inducing factors:


  • MELON JUICE: This scientifically proven active ingredient reduces tissue fibrosis and increases fat release.
  • GRAPE MARC: Natural drainer, is particularly recommended to fi ght orange peel skin.


  • GUARANA: helps in weight control and slimming.
  • ACEROLA: This small cherry from Latin America is naturally high in vitamin C, ideal to contribute to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue.
  • GUARANA: Helps feel more energetic.


  • TURMERIC: Helps prevent the accumulation of fat and facilitate their destockage by the liver.
  • LEMON BALM: This plant helps to support relaxation and mental and physical well-being.
  • MAGNESIUM: This trace element contributes to a reduction of tiredness and fatigue.

28 sticks of 3g, lemon and ginger flavor. No preservatives, no sugar and no artificial flavors.

DAY formula ingredients:

Soluble wheat fi bre, natural flavourings, guarana seed dry extract 250mg/stick(contains: added natural caffeine 20mg/stick), concentrated acerola juice 180mg/stick (of which vitamin C: 24mg/stick)*, grape pomace dry extract 150mg/stick,coated freeze-dried melon juice 20mg/stick (maltodextrin, freeze-dried melon juice,glazing agent: gum shellac) of which SOD (SuperOxyde Dismutaste) activity 240UI/stick, sweetener: steviol glycosides.*30% of nutrient reference values.

NIGHT formula ingredients:

Maltodextrin, dehydrated concentrated orange juice, natural flavourings, magnesium citrate, anti-caking agent : magnesium carbonate (magnesium from citrate and magnesium carbonate:56,5mg/stick)*, melissa leaf dry extract 80mg/stick (of which: hydroxycinnamic acids 11mg/stick and of which rosmarinic acid 5,6mg/stick), turmeric rhizome dry extract 61mg/stick (of which curcuminoïds 57mg/stick), grape pomace dry extract 50mg/stick, coated freeze-dried melon juice 20mg/stick (maltodextrin,freeze-dried melon juice, glazing agent: gum shellac) of which SOD (SuperOxyde Dismutaste) activity 240UI/stick, sweetener: steviol glycosides.

*15% of nutrient reference values.


DAY FORMULA: 1 stick per day, in the morning.

Pour 150ml of water on the 3g of power and mix until complete dispersion.

NIGHT FORMULA: 1 stick per day, at night.

3g of powder to be melted onto the tongue little by little.

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